Mission Statement

Lebanon Middle School Mission Statement Draft posted 1/2011

The mission of the Lebanon Middle School community is to challenge and support all learners in a rigorous:,
stimulating, and developmentally appropriate environment. We strive to foster curiosity, respect, and citizenship
while encouraging our students to explore individual aptitudes, interests, and talents. We are committed to lifelong
learning and global responsibility.

To Support A Community of Learners:

  • Create a safe environment
  • Build relationships through communication
  • Challenge and support all learners
  • Recognize perseverance, growth, and achievement
  • Embrace differences in who we are and how we learn

  • Act kindly, responsibly, and justly
  • Get involved in our community
  • Take risks to learn
  • Work hard; be curious
  • Appreciate how we are similar and different
  • Provide a positive learning environment at home
  • Ensure good attendance
  • Promote good health and hygiene
  • Value education through active participation
  • Maintain communication